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Where do I start?


To start in the industry you need to have pre-requisite educational qualifications as per the job position, such as a diploma or a degree. Developing your soft skills such as language proficiency and communication is just as important as your technical skills to become eligible for employment.

If you are just after O/L’s or A/L’s, improving your language and communication skills will be of a great advantage.

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"Developing your technical skills is the key to get in to the IT/BPM career path you desire. This can be accomplished through many different channels like Diplomas, Degrees and Professional certifications"

Learning path for IT

Learning Path for BPM

Find the correct education institute!

To make sure you get a recognized education program it’s very important to find a correct institute for your learning. It will ensure your time and money spend on a program is leading in to proper employment. Ministries of education and higher education has guidance material and information about the state universities. From time to time, ICTA provide certification grants for professional certifications. Also you can find many industry recognized diploma and degree programs in the private and semi-government institutes below.


Okay, What’s next?